How to select an Office Headset

Author: OfficeLife   Date Posted:1 October 2016 

Office Headset Buyer's Guide

Plantronics offers many headset options to choose from and OfficeLife sells all the popular Office Headsets in Australia. Please read throught he following information to assist you in selecting your "right" Plantronics office telephone headset.

Tools to Help You Choose:

OfficeLife's Headset Selector found here or below will assist you in narrowing down your search for the best Plantornics Headset available in Australia.


Questions to Help You Select the Right Headset:

1) It is noisy in your office?

Then you need a headset with a noise-canceling microphone to cut out those noisy "neighbours". And for super call foucs maybe you should consider a dual-ear / binaural headset.

2) Are you away from your desk when your phones rings, thereby missing telephone calls?

Then wireless headsets are a must for you. They give you the ability to be hands-free with no wires... plus you will require a handpiece lifter or EHS which triggers your telephone to answer calls when you away from your desk. Wireless Freedom!

3) Do you wear a hat or do you think a headband will mess up your hair? (we call this the vanity factor :-) )

Try an Over Ear headset model. This will help you avoid tangling the headband in your hair or hat.

The above suggestions should make it easier for your to select a great headset. You can alwys contact us for further assistance.