Avoid Workplace Conflict with the Right Headset

Author: Eden Fried   Date Posted:17 October 2016 

“Avoid Workplace Conflict with the Right Headset”

Picture this:  A work deadline is approaching quicker than you’d like and you’re less prepared than originally planned. So there you are stressing in a loud, crowded room.  Suddenly you become acutely aware that your blood pressure is rising, your cheeks are warming, and the anger you’ve been trying to overcome is beginning to pulse through your veins.

That’s when you realize it’s true.  You’ve done it!  You’ve succeeded in finding the loudest people in the world and, oh - lucky you – they are seated right next to you!

You try to stay calm if only to avoid derailing the slightest bit of focus you’ve been able to maintain.  Defense mechanisms kick in and, in an effort to avoid making a scene, you shove one finger into your ear and harshly press the palm of your other hand against the UC headset resting on your other ear. 

You give it a minute or two until finally you SNAP! (Or at least begin to mutter angst-filled passive aggressive comments under your breath hoping someone will hear them).


All you need is the right headset, like the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC headset. 

It’s equipped with Active Noise Canceling technology (ANC) just what you need to tune out loud chit chatters you can hear in the cubes next to yours.  Plus, the built in noise canceling technology helps the people on the other end of uc phone calls hear you better, improving their experience, too.

Its ease of use, comfort, and intuitive smart sense make this UC headset great for both business and pleasure, and it integrates flawlessly with computers and bluetooth devices.  The 12-hour battery life is AWESOME, pairing well with the on-the-go-go-go sort of life that many of us lead these days. Plus, the Bluetooth range spans up to 30m* allowing users to move freely about your office, home, even backyard without being strapped down (literally) to one single location enabling you to accomplish more things at once. You should hear music through this UC headset!

And gone are the days of worrying whether you’re actually muted as you mutter that thing you probably shouldn’t be saying out loud whilst on a conference call.  A simple glance at the USB adapter will tell you whether you’re on mute. Plus you can mute and unmute easily by using the mute button (duh), or mute by simply removing the uc headset, and unmute by replacing it back on your head.  Cool, right?

As an individual with previous experience working alongside dedicated technical recruiters who are always, ALWAYS on a UC phone call, I’m far too familiar with the struggle of balancing noise and focus within loud settings just to get things done.  I was not above clever tactics (including dropping a few dollars on earplugs) to tune out the noise. 

But in 2016, we should be better than earplugs.

Technology is continuously evolving for this very purpose:  to simplify life for us in ways we never imagined.  Because, lets be honest, life brings enough stressors, as it is; there’s absolutely no need to add more. So, keep things simple [and quiet]… try the Voyager Focus UC.

*depending on environmental conditions