Why OfficeLife sells Polycom products?

Absolutely world famous for their conferencing products, there’s more to Polycom than meets the eye.

Business Established

Founded in April 1990, in Pleasanton, California. Wonder if Pleasanton is as nice as it sounds.


More than 3,200 employees in more than 40 countries. They have four offices in Australia – Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.


In 2015, they had revenue of $1.3 Billion USD.


Whilst they’re best known for their table top conferencer units (In 2010 Frost and Sullivan reported they held 78% of the market in this area) there’s more to Polycom than just conferencer units. Their product base also includes telepresence solutions, a wide variety of video conferencing products, Wi-Fi handsets, SIP handsets and more. They also have specially designed communication solutions for the healthcare industry, oil and gas industry and the education sector among others.

About Polycom

Their vision and strategy is to enable people to communicate anywhere and everywhere on multiple devices. They happen to be exceedingly good at this; it’s why their products are so famous and so widespread. They have become whatever the business equivalent to an ‘everyday household item’ is (an everyday businesshold item?). Nowadays, most businesses with a meeting room have a Polycom conferencer unit in the middle.

Why OfficeLife sells Polycom

For more than two decades they has been at the forefront of the technological innovation in business communication. Of course, the extent of their technology is beyond the current needs of most businesses, but it’s nice to know that when we all get there, their will have perfected the technology for us. Their products are fantastic now, and they’ll only get better in the future – that’s why OffcieLife sells Polycom.