Covid-19 OfficeLife Updates

April 2020...No doubt Covid-19 has impacted you in some way as it has everyone else on this planet. OfficeLife is feeling its' impact across our entire business and we are working extremely hard keeping up with orders, enquiries and shipping. At times we have found ourselves stretched to our limit by situations we haven't faced since we opened our business in 2005, but we continue to try.


The AUD$ has plummeted recently and this has resulted in an unscheduled price rise, at times, prices increase every day from our suppliers/manufacturers. The knock on effect means we have had to increase our prices dramatically. We apologise for any inconvenience and promise you we will keep our margins keen so as to limit these price increases and the impact on you and your business. In other words, we are not price gouging due to the inrease demand for the products we sell, mostly headsets.


The demand for headsets has been unprecedented and our stock runs out extremely quickly. Please contact us via email for any urgent orders you wish to place. In a "normal world" we ship within 2 business days, but right now our shipping time varies due to stock availablity which is unstable right now.

Shipping/Back Orders

All Shipping of orders are issued as an “estimated time of arrival” but given the current global situation, we cannot 100% guarantee stock will arrive as we estimate. Things are quite fluid right now. Therefore, please plan for delays.


Out of stock but Pre-Ordering available

Over the last few days OfficeLife has received an unprecedented amount of headset orders, the demand has been incredibly high.

If you Pre-Order from OfficeLife your order will be queued then shipped as soon as we receive stock from our manufacturers, especially Poly/Plantronics. This is the quickest way to receive your order from OfficeLife.